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Please note that this list provides an overview of the roles and duties within a PPG.
If you have any additional roles with your PPG that may be helpful to include on this list to share with others, please email them to

1. PPG Chair and Vice Chair

• The overall aim of a PPG Chair is to lead the PPG and enable it to fulfil its purpose and to ensure there is an effective relationship between the PPG, the Practice and the patients
• Establish and maintain the Terms of Reference (along with the PPG and Practice)
• Maintain a good working relationship between the PPG and the Practice
• Liaise with the Practice and the PPG to develop an agenda for the meeting
• Facilitate the meetings and conduct them in a way that enables everyone to meaningfully contribute to the discussions whilst sticking within the time on the agenda
• Empower PPG members to participate in meeting discussions, ensuring their opinion is heard
• Encourage the PPG to develop ideas and initiatives that will benefit the Practice population
• Summarise key points of discussions
• Moving to a vote (if necessary) in accordance with the Terms of Reference
• Ensure there is a process in place to record minutes and follow up on any actions
• Represent the PPG at other relevant meetings.

2. PPG Member

• Represents the patients of the Practice within PPG meetings
• Contribute views to Practice matters in a constructive manner (including on proposed changes to services)
• To read the meeting agenda and prepare any relevant research to enable active participation
• Provide advice to the Practice on how to communicate and engage with the practice population
• To positively represent the PPG during PPG activities and at events
• To help promote awareness of the PPG.

3. PPG Secretary

• Helps to plan the meetings and agendas
• Provides administrative support
• Ensures that meetings/agendas are drawn up and sent out in advance
• Takes notes during the meetings and distributes minutes following the meeting.

4. Treasurer (where a PPG’s activity involves fundraising)

• Recording all transactions
• Giving receipts for all monies received
• Presenting regular financial reports
• Agreeing budgets
• Arranging for an annual independent audit

Additional roles within a PPG:

One PPG is very keen to recruit members who have certain interests/expertise to take on specific roles within their PPG i.e.
• Mental Health:
• IT
• Youth Links.

Last Updated: Monday 18th September 2023 - 11:07:am

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