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The Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector are a key transformation, innovation, and integration partner. The sector provides a strategic voice and is critical in the delivery of integrated and personalised care. This VCSE Alliance aims to facilitate better partnership working between Joined Up Care Derbyshire and the VCSE sector and enhance the role of the sector in strategy development and the design and delivery of integrated care.

The VCSE alliance aims to:

  • Encourage and enable the sector to work in a co-ordinated way
  • Provide Joined Up Care Derbyshire a single route of contact and engagement with the sector and links to communities
  • Better position the VCSE sector in Joined Up Care Derbyshire, enable it to contribute to the design and delivery of integrated care, and have a positive impact on health priorities, support population groups or reduce health inequalities.

In addition to the above VCSE organisations are often trusted, accessible and skilled at outreach and engagement. They work with some of the most disadvantaged communities and have an excellent understanding of the health and care issues their beneficiaries face, both at a local and national level. The VCSE sector is well placed to provide expertise to directly engage patients and the public in the change process and to advise/support staff.

If you would like to know more about what is happening and get involved in the programme, then please contact Wynne Garnett, Programme Lead

Moving Forward Together event June 2023

The Moving Forward Together event took place in June 2023 to celebrate the launch of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Integrated Care Board and Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector. 

The event also invited the VCSE sector and partners to come together to:

  • explore relationships
  • discuss key development areas around commissioning, workforce development and community engagement
  • explore the VCSE contribution to the Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Strategy – in particular its 3 key areas of focus: Start Well, Stay Well & Age/Die Well
  • build relationships and raise awareness

The event was introduced and chaired by the-then Integrated Care Board Chair, John MacDonald. It included presentations from Wynne Garnett, (Programme Lead for Engaging the VCSE sector in the Integrated Care System), Chris Clayton, (Chief Executive of the ICB), Kate Brown, (ICB Director of Joint Commissioning and Community Development) and Claire Shaw (Head of Community Services, Ashgate Hospice).

Find out more about the day:

Watch videos of the speakers on the event’s YouTube channel

View the speakers’ slides 

An event report, including feedback and reflections on the day 

Memorandum of understanding 

Last Updated: Wednesday 4th October 2023 - 3:59:pm

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