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Use this form to request to join the Derbyshire Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Alliance (VCSE) Virtual Platform. Working closely with VCSE infrastructure organisations, networks and forums, the VCSE Alliance brings together VCSE organisations to engage in the health and social care Integrated Care System (ICS). More details can be found in the files in this workspace. If you are new to the FutureNHS Collaboration platform, you will be asked to sign up and complete your profile details. This is free, quick and easy and instructions will be included in the joining email. submission form. Invites to this system are administered on a weekly basis.

Use this space to confirm you are a member of the Derbyshire Voluntary and Community Sector or if not why you would like to join this space.

By submitting a form, you have consented to having this website store my submitted information so we can respond to your enquiry. For more information regarding this, view our Privacy Notice

Access to discussion forums on the virtual platform is restricted to people that work within the VCSE sector.
Last Updated: Monday 27th March 2023 - 3:30:pm

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