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Definition of Co-production

Our working group chose this definition:

  • Co-production is a relationship where professionals and citizens share power to plan and deliver support.

Aim of the Framework 

  • To embed, support, and champion co-production in the culture, behaviour, and relationships of the Integrated Care System.
  • Providing the necessary tools and guidance around actively involving people, and communities in the improvement and development of the Integrated Care System.

Development of the framework:

There is currently a working group across the system to co-produce the co-production framework.

These meetings are about working together to unpick what is needed in the system wide framework. We aim to develop areas such as principle foundations, toolkits, and guidance for everyone so co-production is easily embedded within all workstreams.

This work is led by Beth Fletcher from the Engagement Team. To find out more contact

Note: Patient and public partners is a term we use for anyone who is a member of the public with lived experience. Other terms used are patient reps, lay members, expert by experience. 

Last Updated: Tuesday 16th July 2024 - 11:31:am

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