Welcome to the latest Joined Up Care Derbyshire Update. Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care. The updates follow each Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board to provide you with details on all the latest developments. This is a summary of some of the key discussions at the June board meeting.


Primary Care Networks

Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD) Board received an update on progress towards establishing Primary Care Networks (PCN).  PCNs are groups of GP practices, working at scale to offer resilient services, and serving a population of 30-50,000. PCNs will be GP-only in 2019/20 with a requirement to collaborate with non-GP providers.  Derbyshire is proposing to have 15 PCNs.  In many cases the PCNs are within place boundaries, but there are 4 PCNs which spread across more than one place.


In 2020/21 PCNs will be commissioned to provide structured medication reviews, enhanced health in care homes, anticipatory care, supporting early cancer diagnosis and personalised care. In 2021/22, this will broaden to include extended access, CVD prevention and diagnosis and tackling neighbourhood inequalities. 


Each PCN will be led by a Clinical Director and funding will be available for additional staff at a PCN level.  These staff will be Clinical Pharmacists and Social Prescribers in 19/20, Physician Associates and first contact Physiotherapists in 20/21 and first contact Community Paramedics in 21/22. 


Work Stream Delivery Plans 19/20

To support system transformation and financial recovery, the eight identified JUCD STP work streams (Cancer, Children’s, Learning Disability and Autism, Maternity, Mental Health, Place Alliances, Planned Care (MSK, Ophthalmology, Outpatients and Theatres) and Urgent & Emergency Care) have developed delivery plans for 2019/20.  Further work is taking place on Urgent & Emergency Care and Place Alliances before these plans are finalised.  Information on the achievements of our work streams and their plans for the year are available at www.joinedupcarederbyshire.co.uk  


Engagement Opportunities in STP Refresh

The Derbyshire STP is being refreshed this summer to take the original 2016, review it in the context of emerging priorities from the recently-published NHS Long Term Plan, and ensuring that the aims and direction of travel remains relevant.  The refresh will describe our roadmap to becoming an Integrated Care System by April 2021 and our commitment to supporting people to have the best start in life, live well and age well, and die well. JUCD is aiming to secure a significant amount of public and broader stakeholder engagement in the refresh, to ensure those interested in the work of our work streams, place alliances and the JUCD Board itself can have a chance to hear about the plans and make comment before they are submitted to NHS England in the autumn.


Board minutes from the June 2019 meeting