Welcome to the latest Joined Up Care Derbyshire Update. Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together twelve partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care.

The updates follow each Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board to provide you with details on all the latest developments.

Primary care representation

General Practitioners (GPs) are set to be more closely involved with the workings of the Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD) Board following agreements made at the Board meeting in May.

GPs have been engaged with the progress of JUCD in various ways since the plans were put together including a clinical reference group but concerns have been raised that there was not suitable representation at Board level.

The May meeting agreed that general practice should have three seats on the JUCD Board and a seat on the Place Development Board. The seats will be allocated for senior representatives from the Derbyshire Local Medical Committee (LMC), place alliances and federation networks.

This enhanced representation will allow for the voice of general practice to be heard throughout and at the highest levels within JUCD.


JUCD partner organisations reflected on the recent contracting process and considered the current financial challenge facing the health and care community in Derby and Derbyshire.

The Board heard that there was a £51 million gap faced by the local clinical commissioning groups between the cost of services and the allocated budget for the year.

It was agreed that an engagement programme would be carried out with public and patients, staff and other stakeholders to explain the financial challenge.

A financial narrative has been prepared which will help organisations explain to their staff the current challenges and outline ways of tackling the financial gap. It is anticipated that public events will begin in July 2018 as part of the dialogue.


The JUCD Board agreed to plan early this year to help avoid or lessen the seasonal pressures of winter on the health and care system.

A review is set to take place into how the health and care system currently works, how hospital discharges are made, and how services are set up in the community and at home to receive people coming out of hospital.

The Board considered a similar piece of work that has taken place previously in Sheffield, acknowledging that there are geographical differences and that Derbyshire is one of the better places in the country for reducing the number of people who are delayed in being discharged from hospital.

It is aimed that reviewing how partner organisations work together will help improve the provision of seamless care, and ease the pressure on the system this coming winter.

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