Welcome to the latest Joined Up Care Derbyshire Update. Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care. The updates follow each Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board to provide you with details on all the latest developments. This is a summary of some of the key discussions at the April board meeting.

Review of Derbyshire STP

The refresh of the Derbyshire STP has now commenced in earnest. Taking our original submission from October 2016 and applying the new directives contained within the NHS Long Term Plan, we will test out again the models of care are plans we developed for all our areas of care.  Each Joined Up Care Derbyshire work stream will conduct a refresh of its plans during May and June and these will be used to refresh the overall plan, with a renewed focus on ‘people’ rather than patients and also factoring in the wider determinants of health, including housing, education and air quality. 


The overall aim of the plan will be to ensure local people are able to:

  • Have the best start in life
  • Stay Healthy
  • Age Well
  • Die Well

The summer will also see a period of significant stakeholder engagement in our planning to ensure that the public voice is heard in how we plan to improve health and care in Derbyshire. 


In addition to the review, we start from the position of having a single, system financial plan, which is a huge step forward in understanding our starting position through an ‘open book’ approach across all partners, where the financial risk and also the planning process is shared across the system rather than separately in either the commissioner or provider organisations.


Local Health Indicators and a new Prevention Strategy

As part of the STP review, colleagues in public health have reviewed the current position regarding health indicators in Derbyshire.  This work has shown again that Derbyshire has a wide variation of levels of deprivation, alongside a wide variation health outcomes for various reasons.  As a City and County we are often average when compared to national statistics, but when this is reviewed at a district level we are outliers in many areas, including tobacco use, alcohol consumption and other measures.  Much of our work within JUCD – incorporating both traditional health and care services and those services linked to education, housing and others – must be driven to make a difference to these outlying areas to ensure local people live longer lives, in better health.

Additionally, the JUCD prevention work stream has sets out the ambition for prevention. The vision and actions within this strategy aim to complement those of the health and wellbeing board strategies, which have a broader focus on the wider determinants of health. These strategies are interdependent and taken together; provide a whole system approach to prevention across Derbyshire.

The 4 priorities of the prevention strategy are:

  • Enabling people in Derbyshire to live healthy lives

  • Building mental health, wellbeing and resilience across the life course

  • Empowering the Derbyshire population to make healthy lifestyle choices

  • Building strong and resilient communities where people are supported to maintain & improve their own wellbeing


In a number of discussions during the Board meeting, the issue of workforce was a recurring theme, ensuring we have the planning in place to ensure our workforce plans are geared up to support the systems to deliver our local priorities.  Setting a shared culture and supporting staff in their delivery of high quality local care is crucial and one of the main priorities of JUCD.  Added to this, Sir Simon Stevens, NHS Chief Executive, visited Derbyshire on 15 May and a key theme of the discussion with staff was the importance of solving the workforce challenges we face, and ensuring our staff are supported in delivery and making the NHS a better place to work. 


The national people plan is to be published shortly and the Joined Up Care Derbyshire Board agreed to spending some dedicated time to focus on organisational and system culture and what we can do to ensure Derbyshire remains an attractive place to live and to work.