Welcome to the latest Joined Up Care Derbyshire Update. Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together twelve partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care.

The updates follow each Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Board (STP) to provide you with details on all the latest developments.

Winter planning and the financial challenge for Derbyshire were both key priorities discussed at this month’s STP Board.

Chief Executive Gavin Boyle from Derby Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (DTHFT), who leads the urgent care work stream, informed the STP Board that the Derbyshire wide A&E Delivery Board has a clear set of actions for all organisations to deliver in preparation for winter.

Gavin highlighted that the planned actions will support making sure each part of a patients pathway is working seamlessly and freeing up beds for the people who really need them.

Work already taking place includes the city focus on putting more health and social care support workers in place to help people be seen in the right place at the right time and not admitted into hospital unnecessarily. Derbyshire County Council social workers and community care workers will be located in DTHFT to support getting patients assessed and back home.

There was also a reminder to make sure everybody has the flu jab including all the STP Board members. Please check your own organisations website to find out how you can get your flu jab or visit www.nhs.uk


Financially the challenge for Derbyshire, just as in many parts of the country, continues to become a growing issue. The Board discussed in detail the scale of the challenge and the need to do things differently and more efficiently.

Derbyshire’s financial position is not improving and in North Derbyshire the Clinical Commissioning Group continues to be in formal financial recovery and under intense scrutiny from NHS England to make the changes needed.

All members of the STP Board were in firm agreement that in order to provide the best possible health and care services to the citizens of Derbyshire, all organisations have to work together to do things differently and make the best use of the resources we have across the system.

The financial position will be discussed further at the STP Board away day that is taking place at the end of the month.

Working differently

Work is now underway across the system to turn conversations into real actions and we are already starting to see the impact of this through:

  •     96% of people experiencing first episode psychosis were treated within two weeks of referral
  •     A reduction in the number of emergency hospital admissions
  •     35% of all Derbyshire’s population registered to a GP have access to extended hours at evenings and weekends

Also the first business case, to put the STP Governance process to the test, was approved by the STP Board.

The development of a care pathway to provide specialist rehabilitation and recovery for forensic patients out of hospital has been considered and agreed at both the Provider Alliance Group (PAG) and Clinical Professional Reference Group (CPRG).

Both groups recommended the proposal was approved by the STP Board to allow the approach to be developed into a full business case and potentially implemented across Derbyshire.

The approach addresses significant gaps in community support for patients which results in them being unnecessarily admitted into hospital. The new model will enable patients to be cared for more effectively, closer to home and as a result reduce the need for people to stay in hospital.

The proposal sets out using the funding available in a different way to enable the development of this model, which if implemented county wide could potentially release money to be re invested in the long term.

The full business case will be presented at the STP Board in December.

And finally…Following Tracy Allen’s, chief executive of Derbyshire Community Health Service NHS Foundation Trust, announcement that she will be leaving the role as Interim Senior Responsibility Officer for the STP, last month. NHS England confirmed that they were in the process of looking to recruit a new leader for Derbyshire with our STP Board. We will keep you updated with any progress.