Welcome to the latest Joined Up Care Derbyshire Update. Joined Up Care Derbyshire brings together eleven partner organisations and sets out ambitions and priorities for the future of the county’s health and care.

The updates follow each Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Board to provide you with details on all the latest developments.

News on joined up work taking place across Derbyshire’s health and care organisations around hospital admissions and speeding up discharge, was part of the discussion taking place at two new groups launched in September.

Clinical representatives from all organisations involved in Joined Up Care Derbyshire (our Sustainability and Transformation Plan, or ‘STP’) came together for the first Clinical and Professional Reference Group (CPRG) and our local Providers of services met for the first Provider Alliance Group (PAG).

CPRG and PAG form a key part of the Joined Up Care Derbyshire governance which will support the change and new ways of working across Derbyshire.

CPRG will drive change from a clinical perspective and support the delivery of clinical quality standards. PAG brings together the Senior Responsible Officers (SROs) for each work stream and is vital in supporting the work streams to make things happen.

Highlights from PAG included news of the Place workstream rolling out a simple initiative launched by Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to support people living in care homes receive the treatment they need and as a result reduce hospital admissions and speed up discharge.

The “Red Bag” keeps important information about a care home resident’s health in one place, easily accessible to ambulance and hospital staff so they can determine the treatment a resident needs more effectively.

This work which focussed on Bolsover and Alfreton has already seen better person-centred care for the patient. Other areas in the country have been using this initiative for some time which has improved care and ironed out potential problems for patients and their carers that can cause confusion and delay.

Delays in the discharge of patients place a huge burden on the NHS nationally and locally. Figures show that more than a million hospital days were lost due to delayed discharges in 2015. In 2012-13, more than a million people were readmitted to hospital as an emergency within 30 days of discharge. This cost the NHS £2.4 billion.

As a result of the evidence of success in reducing delays in discharge, Derbyshire County Council is purchasing 300 red bags to introduce the initiative in care homes across the county.

Access to Primary Care workstream also reported that 35% of people in the county already have increased access to GPs and primary care services at evening and weekends. More people are now set to benefit as the additional access to GPs is being introduced in other parts of the county from this month.

The STP Board

At September‘s board a report was received that outlined that there were still significant issues around people from all organisations being aligned to the work.

This issue reflects the ongoing challenge organisations are facing around balancing organisational priorities with system priorities and is reflected in the system’s financial position.

Providers and commissioners have pledged to work closely together across the health and social care system, to make the changes needed to deliver care in the right place, in the right way, at the right time, while rising to the financial challenges faced – as elsewhere in the country.

It has been said repeatedly that if we continue to work in our organisational silos and do nothing we will have an estimated financial gap of more than £240m in our health system and £136m in our local authority over the next three years.

The transformation we planned last October has not moved as fast as we needed because of the difficulties around balancing organisational priorities with system priorities. As a result our system wide financial position has not improved and this year we are facing a financial gap of around £70m in the NHS.

We need to focus on new ways of managing and sharing financial risk across the health and care system, including councils, providers and commissioners to help everyone work towards having a financially stable system over the next few years.

The Board is dedicating an away day in October where there will be a focus on the financial plan and work steam priorities to make sure together we address these challenges.

The Board also heard that work continues with Healthwatch Derbyshire and Healthwatch Derby to get out and about to start the conversation with people about the future of health and social care. People across the county and city have given us their views and have answered the questionnaire which aims to raise awareness of the changes needed to be made to health and social care and get their views on the initial priorities.

If you have any suggestions about where we could go either in your organisation or meetings we could attend in your local area in Derbyshire please get in touch. Answer the questionnaire.

And finally… At the meeting Tracy Allen, chief executive of Derbyshire Community Health Service NHS Foundation Trust, announced she will be leaving the role as Interim Senior Responsibility Officer for the STP. The recruitment for this role will be led by our regulators, NHS England and NHS Improvement and we will keep you informed of any updates going forward.

If you are interested in getting involved in Joined Up Care Derbyshire or have a question please contact joinedupcarederbyshire@nhs.net
In other news
New Chief Finance Officer for the Clinical Commissioning Groups

The Governing Bodies of the four Clinical Commissioning Groups across Derbyshire (North Derbyshire CCG, Southern Derbyshire CCG, Hardwick CCG and Erewash CCG) have confirmed the appointment of Louise Bainbridge as Chief Finance Officer. Louise will be joining the organisation from Nottingham City CCG, and will officially start at the beginning of November.

Louise has a strong track record of delivery at Nottingham City CCG where she has been Chief Finance Officer since 2013, having joined the former Primary Care Trust in 2007.

Dr Chris Clayton, the new joint Accountable Officer started his new role on October 2nd.