JUCD Wellbeing Website Launch

We’re excited to launch Your Wellbeing Website – a series of comprehensive webpages detailing the wealth of wellbeing services available to support JUCD colleagues.

The Wellbeing Website has been specifically designed to help colleagues easily navigate their way through this support – to find out what support is available to them and how to access it, ready for when they need it most.

James Buckley, ICB Head of Wellbeing and Workforce, said:

The JUCD collaborative network work together to provide a first-class equitable Wellbeing Service.

The team delivers an extensive range of face to face and virtual wellbeing programmes & initiatives to support health and social care colleagues across our partner organisations – helping colleagues to remain healthy, safe and well in all aspects of life.

It’s vital that our colleagues are aware of the range of support that is available to them. We’re delighted to launch the JUCD Wellbeing Website, providing an accessible and comprehensive platform from which we can signpost colleagues quickly and concisely to the support services we provide.

Housed within the main JUCD website frame, the JUCD Wellbeing web pages have been divided into the following key areas of colleague support:

Your Wellbeing Timetable – a timetabled series of targeted and focused support initiatives to promote physical and mental wellbeing

Your Self-Care – a wealth of resources and support services available across the wellbeing spectrum

Your Wellbeing Champions – a network team of colleagues who provide local support to their teams

Your Wellbeing Map – an interactive resource outlining the range of support services available and pinpointing where this support is located

Your Support – a comprehensive range of programmes & initiatives available from the JUCD Wellbeing Service

Your Wellbeing News – the latest news and support information available from the team

James Buckley said:

We’d like to thank our JUCD colleagues who worked tirelessly to support our team in the development of the Wellbeing Website, and for enabling us to integrate our Wellbeing web pages within the main JUCD Web frame.

We’re looking forward to utilising the website to help us best communicate and promote the wealth of Wellbeing Services available to support our JUCD colleagues.