Your Wellbeing Survey

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the recent Your Wellbeing Survey and to all who helped us promote it.

The survey was publicised across 7 JUCD organisations and we received a total of 2585 responses!

These responses provide invaluable information about your wellbeing, helping us best understand your needs so we can address the topics which matter most and continue to provide the best possible health support for our colleagues.

As we start to accumulate the results, initial findings have so far identified four key areas of support. These are detailed below alongside some of the support measures we have implemented to best meet these needs.

 Mental Health

  • 30% of staff are rarely feeling relaxed and 5% never feel relaxed
  • 20% are rarely or never feeling close to other people

 Mental health support:

  • We have included an additional range of activities on the latest version of Your Wellbeing Timetable which are great for aiding relaxation and connecting with other people. Sessions available include yoga, headache soothing techniques, stress awareness management, wellbeing walks and salsa socials. For more information and to download the Wellbeing Timetable visit Your Wellbeing Timetable page


  • 10% of staff smoke which is lower than previous findings from the national average of 13% (Office for National statistics, 2021)
  • 26% of staff previously smoked but have quit successfully

Support to stop smoking:

Financial Wellbeing

  • 80% of staff are very worried or somewhat worried about the rising cost of living
  • 32% have current financial concerns

Financial wellbeing support:

We are aware that financial pressures are a big concern to many of our colleagues and we are keen to ensure people have the support they need.

The following webinars may be helpful if finances are a challenge:

  • Financial Wellbeing with Money Helper UK Wed 8th November 12:00-12:45
  • Energy Saving Workshop with Marches Energy Wed 15th November 12:00-12:40
  • Energy Saving Workshop with Marches Energy Fri 8th December 14:00-14:40

Colleagues can book onto these webinars via the team’s easy online booking platform


  • 42% of staff are currently affected by the menopause
  • 25% of those affected feels it impacts their work

 Menopause Support:

We recognise that a huge proportion of our staff are currently affected by the menopause, and different people will have different needs. We have increased our menopause support to include a wealth of targeted support sessions, including:

  • Menopause café
  • Q&A session with a menopause practitioner
  • Hormone and reproductive health group
  • Menopause yoga
  • BAME menopause café
  • Manager and leader menopause workforce support
  • LGBTQIA+ menopause café

Colleagues can book onto these sessions via the team’s easy online booking platform