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Are you interested in how health inequalities impacted the effects of COVID-19?                            
This report by The Health Foundation is an interesting read and shows that:                                     
• Poor health and existing inequalities left parts of the UK vulnerable to the virus.                        
• The pandemic revealed stark differences in the health of the working age population – those younger than 65 in the poorest 10% of areas in England were almost four times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those in wealthiest.                                                                                
• Part of the recovery process must address the root causes of poor health and invest in people and their communities – their jobs, housing, education and communities.
It’s a long read but thought provoking, take a look for more information.

QC.pngFollow the links below to access a number of resources including documents and videos on topics linked to the Quality Conversations programme. 

Health inequalities and social determinants


The Quality Conversations programme introduction to the Social Determinants of Health (video below). 

The health inequality tree

Living in poverty was bad for your health long before Covid-19. Article from The Health Foundation.

Local action on health inequalities (Public Health England paper)

The NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS workforce in preventative healthcare video (4 minutes) - video below

Social determinants of health - an introductory video (6 minutes) - video below

What makes us healthy? (1 minute) - video below

Social determinants of health, Australian animation (4 minutes) - video below

Adverse Childhood Experiences - NHS Health Scotland (4 minutes) - video below

Power – a health and social justice issue (8 minutes) - video below

Social determinants of health (4 minutes) - video below

Sir Michael Marmot: social determinants of health (2014) (22 minutes) - video below


Further resources

A tale of two babies
Infograph outlining effects of health inequalities

A short story about privilege
Cartoon about privilege and disadvantage accumulated over life

King’s Fund: What are health inequalities?
In depth outline of Health Inequalities

Guide to support Quality Conversations about Covid vaccination
Hints and tips for a Quality Conversation about Covid-19 vaccinations

Fair health website
Fair health website focuses on a passion for health equity. It exists to improve health outcomes for those who are disadvantaged, marginalised and/or excluded.

Fair Health podcast
Podcast interview with Sir Michael Marmot who is world renowned as a specialist in the impact of inequalities on health with internationally acclaimed research, writing and public speaking on the topic.

What makes us healthy? An introduction to the social determinants of health
Long article about social determinants of health

Wheel of Power/Privilege
Infograph to look at privilege and marginalisation

What makes us healthy?
An introduction to the social determinants of health

Quality Conversations - bite-size resources

A guide on the COM-B Model of Behaviour.

A framework for Supporting Behaviour Change

Approaches to Behaviour Change - YouTube

Ask Me 3: Good Questions for Your Good Health | IHI - Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Debs Taylor: The impact of social prescribing on people and communities

Demonstration of the TGROW Coaching Model - YouTube

GROW model - YouTube ​​​​​​​

Guide to support Quality Conversations about Covid vaccination

Inequalities and their impacts

Prof Max Watson makes a plea ‘to listen’

What should you listen for as a sign that an individual is not coping?

What should you look for as a sign that an individual is not coping? (face-to-face observations) 

What should you look for as a sign that an individual is not coping? (observations in the home)

Teachable moments - when is the best time to have a health-promoting conversation?

The Stages of Change Model - YouTube ​​​​​​​

Understanding obstacles to change

Understanding motivational direction

Health Improvement

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

How to begin a health-promoting conversation

How to begin conversations about weight

How to begin a conversation with someone about their personal circumstances

How to begin a conversation about abuse

How to support someone to become more confident

Peer Coaches Network Meeting (Jan 22)

Providing advice: What helps people to notice, remember and take action

Personalised Care: A shift in realtionship between health and care professionals and people

Stages of Behavior Change - YouTube ​​​​​​​

Structuring a health coaching conversation - with kind permission from TPC Health

Top Tips for healthy coaching conversations

What matters to you?

What matters to you? (JUCD)

Unequal pandemic, fairer recovery | The Health Foundation

Website links


Health Creation: Addressing national health inequalities priorities by taking a health creating approach

Covid-19 communications aids (BMJ)

E-learning for health: population wellbeing portal

Having conversations at end-of-life

Management time (HBR)

The Health Foundation

All Our Health - e-Learning for Healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk) this is a wide ranging part of the e-learning for health website which covers a wide range of health prevention areas from early years to falls prevention and from smoking cessation to homelessness.

Keeping Derbyshire Residents Warm

Brené Brown on Empathy vs Sympathy
This lovely video gives you in under 3 minutes insight into the difference between empathy and sympathy

Personalised care
Website looking at personalised care

Personalised care video
Video outlining benefits  personalised care

Social prescribing
Webpage outlining role of social prescribers

Social prescribing in practise
Video discussing role of social prescribers

Public Health England Paper
Improving people’s health: Applying behavioural and social sciences to improve population health and wellbeing in England.

Public Health England Paper
Achieving behaviour change: A guide for local government and partners

E-learning for health
Embedding Public Health into Clinical Services programme 

E-learning for health
Health literacy

E-learning for health
Personalised Care Planning

Health Coaching | Better Health | Better Conversation Great conversation is more than just exchanging information – it can transform relationships and health behaviours to benefit patients, staff and the NHS. A website with range of practical resources.

Healthy Conversations and the Allied Health Professionals
Specific paper to support AHP’s to engage in healthy conversations.

Making Every Contact Count - e-Learning for Healthcare (e-lfh.org.uk) E-learning for health interactive learning resource to support staff ask others about their health and well being.

Motivational interviewing in brief consultations online course | BMJ Learning An e-learning module from the BMJ learning website, it takes about 1 hour and you will need to register for free to use the site.

Short video about teach back

Longer video about health literacy  Stoke on Trent Health Literacy  

Readability tool to check information is pitched at an appropriate level


The one-minute conversation compromises three steps designed to sow the seed of change in someone’s mind in a way that it is clear you recognise that what is important to them, matters most to you.

The five-minute conversation is designed to fit into a consultation addressing a range of aspects of patient management. These simple steps can help build readiness to change and help start a plan based on the individual’s preferences.