We have developed a new role within Joined Up Care Derbyshire, that of Patient and Public Partner.

Patient and public participation is an essential part of the work of Joined Up Care Derbyshire. We want to build strong and supportive relationships with patients, members of the public, and our communities.

Patient and Public Partners is an initiative which has been started by our Planned Care Board and its associated workstreams.

The term ‘Patient and Public Partners’ includes patients, service users, carers and families and the general public.

Support, an induction and out of pocket expenses is available to successful candidates.Our latest vacancies are listed below:

Vacancies for Patient and Public Partners

Patient and Public Working Group Vacancy - Cardiovascular (CVD) Delivery Group

Patient and Public Partners Working Group Vacancy - Diabetes Delivery Groups

Patient and Public Partners Working Group Vacancy - Respiratory Delivery Group

If you are interested in the role you are asked to submit a short expression of interest. Please don’t let this put you off. If you have any questions, please contact the Head of Engagement Karen.lloyd24@nhs.net