We currently have 19 volunteers on the Readers’ Panel who review new and revised patient information leaflets for content and relevance and to make sure that the information is understandable, clear and concise. Guidance will be provided to any new volunteers.


What is the Readers’ Panel?
The Readers’ Panel is a group of people who have volunteered to read new and newly revised information that staff across Joined Up Care Derbyshire have drafted for the purpose of public information. Feedback from patients and the general public is an integral part of our quality process.

Why does Joined Up Care Derbyshire need a Readers’ Panel?
We need people to volunteer to be part of the panel because we feel that patients and the public can tell us if we are getting the information right. It is important to us that we know we are using the right words, in the right way to get our message across clearly and concisely

How does the Readers’ Panel work?
People on the panel are sent up to a maximum of one leaflet/ word document per month to read and comment on. These will come to you via email, so please only volunteer if you (or someone supporting you) have email access.

We will send a form with the material that looks like this: "Feedback Form"

You can either respond with your thoughts and feedback in an email to us or fill out the form and return the form.

All members are free to comment on any aspect of the leaflet that they feel needs improvement or praise, in a polite and constructive manner.

How long do I have in which to read and comment on the leaflets?
We ask that people try to read and comment on any information they are sent within 2 weeks of receiving it, but if there is a lot of information to digest, we may say 2-3 weeks.

Will I have to pay to return my comments? And do I get paid to take part?
No, this exercise is on a voluntary basis, we do not pay you and you are not charged.

Do I have to read and comment on all leaflets sent to me?
Whether you read and comment on leaflets that are sent to you is entirely up to you. It might be that you are having a busy time, are off on holiday, not feeling well or simply don’t feel like it. You decide whether you want to do it, not us.

What happens to the leaflets once I have commented on them?
Once we have received your comments they are collated and sent to the original authors. This is an opportunity for the author to check that any amendments we make as result of your comments have not altered the meaning or accuracy of the leaflet. Once the authors have given approval the leaflet is then put into circulation.

What happens to the leaflets once I have commented on them?
Most leaflets now are electronic and will be uploaded to the Joined Up Care Derbyshire website. If you would like to see the end result but can't find it weeks later online, please let us know and we can ask the author where the leaflet is located.

To get involved please email: Karen.Lloyd24@nhs.net