NHS England and NHS Improvement recognise the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector as a key transformation, innovation and integration partner. The sector provides a strategic voice and is critical in the delivery of integrated and personalised care. The VSCE programme aims to facilitate better partnership working between Joined Up Care Derbyshire and the VCSE sector and enhance the role of the sector in strategy development and the design and delivery of integrated care. The programme supports the development of a VCSE leadership ‘alliance’ at a system level, with mechanisms for feeding into all levels of decision making. 

The VCSE alliance will:

  • Encourage and enable the sector to work in a co-ordinated way
  • Provide Joined Up Care Derbyshire a single route of contact and engagement with the sector and links to communities
  • Better position the VCSE sector in Joined Up Care Derbyshire, enable it to contribute to the design and delivery of integrated care, and have a positive impact on heath priorities, support population groups or reduce health inequalities.


Wynne Garnett: VCSE Leadership Programme Lead

Wynne Garnett

I’m Wynne Garnett the Programme Lead for the VCSE Leadership Programme. I’m engaged on a freelance basis for 12 months until the middle of April 2022. The role is to help the VCSE sector engage effectively in thedeveloping Integrated Care System (ICS). The programme is running in other regions and has been rolled out by NHS England in conjunction with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). I work for a Steering Group that is composed of both VCSE bodies and statutory partners.

I’m passionate about the value and contribution of the VCSE and have worked in and with it all of my working life as a Chief Executive, Trustee and Volunteer. I spent twenty years working initially as the Chief Executive of Mansfield CVS, where I was heavily involved in regeneration and health and social care partnerships (including a secondment to develop joint planning processes) and then as the Chief Executive of Engage East Midlands, the regional VCSE network. For the last 12 years, I’ve worked as a consultant and am also presently the East
Midlands Development Partner for the Lloyds Bank Foundation COVID support grant programme.

I believe that the VCSE sector can make a huge contribution to health and social care in all its diverse forms. It can help with delivering services, supporting and promoting preventative approaches, providing access to and perspectives from particular communities, raising service needs and priorities, supporting self-care and as has been seen during the pandemic, harnessing the energy and potential within communities. The new Integrated Care System is still being developed and these discussions and a new duty to collaborate provide opportunities
for the VCSE sector to play its role as a strategic partner.

Although early days, my work is likely to involve promoting the VCSE sector contribution, exploring training in areas such as leadership and collaboration, looking at how VCSE groups can make the right connections to the Integrated Care System, identifying good practice, providing engagement guidance and looking at how we might measure successful engagement.
Wynne can be contacted by email: wynnegarnett@googlemail.com


VCSE model.png

The diagram above shows the good practice model of VCSE engagement at a system, place and neighbourhood level.

There is a VCSE Leadership Steering Group overseeing the work on this programme.