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  • 3254 – ICB budget for physical rehabilitation services for FY2023/24
    3255 – Structured diabetes education (SDE)
    3256 – Management of hypertension
    3257 – ICB commissioning leads/managers & contracts team emails and names for all age continuing care
    3258 – Number of current employees at the ICB
    3259 – Grant Agreements relating to 2023/24 plus new contract for 2024/25
    3260 – Amount of money paid to each individual optometrist for the year 2022 and for 2023 as part of the CET grant
    3261 – Outcome of the recent expression of interest and which organisation is championing the Women’s Health Hub in the area
    3262 – ICB’s expenditure on software systems per patient3262 – Software systems per patient – SystmOne, Emis Web, Docman
    3263 – Funding for point-of-care home blood monitoring devices for people with cancer
    3264 – Number of virtual wards beds we have and the provider by specialty (Cancer care, respiratory care, cardiology care, diabetes care, stroke care, renal care, pre/post-operative care services, other)
    3265 – Name of the Assistant Director of Finance (or equivalent) for each place within the ICB
    3266 – Specsavers – NHS Adult Audiology 2024
    3267 – Email and telephone details for the Continuing Healthcare / Learning Disability / Autism Lead / Mental Health Lead / Transforming Care Leads
    3268 – Request for confirmation of whether the ICB operates on a CHC framework with a single rate
    3269 – Data regarding the ICB’s continence provision.
    3270 – Payments made to each GP practice for each of the local enhanced services by financial year from 2019-20 to 2023-24
    3271 – Request for names of job role holders within the ICB
    3272 – Provision and delivery of audiology services within the ICB
    3273 – Request for names of job role holders within the ICB
    3274 – Sponsor Compliance Assurance regarding Willow Care & Support Ltd
    3275 – Number of General Ophthalmic Services sight tests performed within the ICB each year over the past six years
    3276 – Profad Care Agency Limited contracts within the ICB to provide domiciliary care
    3277 – Status of NHS patients in dental practices within the ICB
    3278 – Most recent figures for Derby and Derbyshire as of 2022/23
    3279 – Does the ICB commission Tier 3 weight management service
    3280 – Email address(es) of commissioners for children’s ASD services
    3281 – Does the ICB commission the specified services to provide mental health support to CYP
    3282 – Who is responsible for the delivery of the PHB targets and what are their contact details (name, email and phone number)
    3283 – Womens Health and Menopause Clinics information requested
    3284 – ARRS budget utilisation in Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
    3285 – Wheelchair Services – numbers, by year, types, demographics, etc
    3286 – Tier 3 weight management, bariatric procedures, surgery, wegovy
    3287 – How many maternity units the ICB has closed since 2020
    3288 – Longest waits for treatment for children experienced across the ICB in 2023 and 2024
    3289 – Procurement for specified services in the next 3 years and if so, likely timescales for each service: Community Persistent Pain service, Community MSK and Physiotherapy service, Community Women’s health services
    3290 – People living with a recorded diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    3291 – Drug Patient Level Contract Monitoring (DrPLCM) & SACT Cancer reports
    3292 – Structure charts for the digital team, including all the levels of management (with names and email addresses)
    3293 – Details in respect to Family Support contracts
    3294 – Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
    3295 – Homecare for All Aged Continuing Healthcare for each Placed Based CHC
    3296 – Has Microsoft (or a third party on its behalf) carried out an audit of the ICB’s Microsoft software assets in the last 8 years
    3297 – Information requested regarding language services

Last Updated: Thursday 30th May 2024 - 6:41:pm

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